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The seeds of THE BULLS' NIGHT OUT were planted in the spring of Det. Frank Malerba 1989. I was days away from undertaking my first short film, BOSS OF THE BALLET, when I came across a story in the NY Daily News about a long-retired 76 year old police detective named Frank Malerba, who had captured a robber and in an ensuing struggle, shot the man in the leg. A week later, the late Mike McAlary wrote a piece that went on to chronicle the police exploits of Mr. Malerba during the 1950's, which was highlighted by an infamous shoot-out in East Harlem with a hitman named August Robles.

What most intrigued me about the event was the time warp element: an out-of-action retiree and a teen-aged robber, whose bond transcended their age difference because they spoke the same language - the language of violence.

Lindley Farley, Director

Lindley Farley, Writer-Director

I wrote the screenplay for THE BULLS' NIGHT OUT in 1992.

The working title for the script was THE WEDDING SHAKEDOWN. I changed it to THE BULLS' NIGHT OUT after its completion. I took the title from a line by Robert DeNiro in GOODFELLAS: "There's a million 'bulls' lookin' for us, and you go out and buy a new car!"

We shot the film over a sixteen-day schedule in December, 1994 and one weekend in April, 1995. The film takes place during summer. Despite its production value, the film cost a mere $37,000 to make.

THE BULLS' NIGHT OUT had it's theatrical premier on September 6, 2000 at Anthology Film Archives.

You can call this film THE BULLS' NIGHT OUT "Mark I," as producers Louis Puopolo and Lou DiGiaimo, Jr. of Asbury Films optioned the rights to the story and attached actors Danny Aiello, Roy Scheider, Lou Gossett, Jr. and Armande Assante for a proposed re-make.

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